"Who are you?"

"I’m me," she answered cheerfully, "I’ve come to add my rock to the pile."

They looked sharply down their noses at her, sneering and sucking their teeth in disapproval. We were lined up behind her, brought there to offer our own rocks to the pile. We stole glances at each…

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Did you ever have the most lovely dream that tapped you on the shoulder all day long, beckoning you to come back?

ummm….. where have I seen this guy before?

ummm….. where have I seen this guy before?



4ever infuriated that the closest plus-size alternative (bottom image) to the suit i actually want (top image) is not only a fucking ‘miraclesuit’ but also costs more than four times the amount of the first suit. these are swimsuits. u use like half a foot of fabric on these dummies. this is SO. STUPID. U GUYS.

ohhh my god, the teeny tiny mesh patch on plus size one compared to the non-plus one is killing me.

who the hell pays $242.70 for a bathing suit? does the crotch vibrate? That micro panel of mesh will probably melt after 2 dips in a chlorinated pool, anyway. I just paid $4.20 for a bathing suit at Savers and I was ecstatic.

In a nostalgic mood I requested the DVD “If Lucy Fell” from Netflix. I was nostalgic for that time in my life and I thought that watching the movie and hearing the soundtrack (AWESOME soundtrack BTW!!) would bring me back to that time. Somewhere between requesting the video on 12/17/20FRICKIN’12 — and receiving it in the mail I realized that there were certain emotions that If Lucy Fell brought up for me. So I’ve been hanging on to the dvd FOR A YEAR…. Yes. I’ve been paying Netflix $8 a month to hold on to the thing — but not watch it. Because I was afraid of feeling. No. I couldn’t just mail it back. Nope.

So….. I finally watched it this weekend. It was as great as I remember. My crush for Eric Schaeffer was reignited. (until I Bing-ed him — damn you time!!) and yes I felt the feelings, and it sucked - but it didn’t kill me.

I need help.


"Regenerations" by @zerobriant available today 11/19/13 for only $11


"Regenerations" by @zerobriant available today 11/19/13 for only $11

In World War Z Peter Capaldi played “W.H.O. Doctor” — coincidence? I think not…….

Allegory by Kelly Mullaly

"Who are you?"

"I’m me," she answered cheerfully, "I’ve come to add my rock to the pile."

They looked sharply down their noses at her, sneering and sucking their teeth in disapproval. We were lined up behind her, brought there to offer our own rocks to the pile. We stole glances at each other’s rocks hoping that ours was good enough. We all were anxious to please the judges.

"Oh no! That simply will not do," one of the judges screamed. "It’s completely the wrong color!" The judge pointed to the pile, all of the rocks there were the same color. Just then the judge grabbed the rock from her hand. He covered it in paint to match the rocks in the pile. The group in line gasped and hugged their rocks close to themselves.

Another judge snatched her newly colored rock and exclaimed, “Well it’s completely misshapen. It will never fit into the pile with this big end.” “True, true,” all the judges agreed. One of the judges took a chisel to her rock and banged off the big end. Some of us in line looked away, horrified by what we had just witnessed. Others stood with open mouths. We all began to shiver with fear. What if our rocks were misshapen or the wrong color?

The judges took her rock to the pile and placed it in the assigned place. It wobbled a bit and swayed. It looked out of place somehow, uncomfortable in the pile. It wasn’t quite the right shape yet. It stood out too much from the rest of the pile. “Wait,” another judge said gruffly, “it still needs more work.” With that he took a tool that made sparks fly from her rock. Awful noises echoed over the line. Mixed in was our frightened sobbing. We looked down at the ground afraid to think what was in store for our rocks.

"Oh no," she screamed, "no!" The judges picked up a pile of pebbles and dust. "Oh no," one of them declared, laughing, "this will never do. Next?"

We all stood in sorrowful silence. “Who is next?” The judge bellowed at the next girl in line, “You, get up here, bring your rock.”

A voice from the back of the line said, “No.” It wasn’t as loud as the judges had been but it was loud enough to reach where they were standing. The line of us turned quickly to see who had said such a thing to the judges. “No,” she said a bit louder this time as she raised her rock above her head. Someone else raised their rock and added her, “No,” just as loudly. One by one we lifted up our rocks and our voices. “No!” The judges gathered together and came towards us. “Do you think behavior like this will get your rock into our pile?”

We went to where her rock lay in pieces. It was carefully scooped up and carried away. We guided her away from the judges, forming a protective circle around her. Her rock was laid on the ground far from the scene of its undoing. One by one we placed our rocks in a pile on top of hers. Each one was different but we worked them together until they comfortably rested in place. Our pile wasn’t as ordered as the other but we were content. We marveled at each other’s rocks. We no longer worried if one was better than the other but took joy in the uniqueness of each one.

Another line was brought to the judges. We called to them, inviting them to our pile. Some looked meekly over while the judges warned them to ignore us. A few dropped out of the line and made their way to us. “May we add our rocks to your pile?”

"Certainly," we said, "find a space you like and join your rocks with ours. Welcome!"

Others found their way to us, some were too frightened of the judges to leave the line. Soon, though, our pile was tall and strong. We noticed that our rocks didn’t have to be uniform to support each other in the pile. With each new line more came our way and added their rocks to the pile built on the foundation of her rock.





Wow. I’m sure you’ve all seen this girl’s fantastic tardis dress floating around here the last week or so. She hand painted the inside and everything, and she just looks plain great. But of course, I see it posted on facebook, and the slew of comments begin.

I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why I, as a bigger girl, spend the week before a convention crying because I’m so nervous about what people are going to say about me just because I want to dress up and have fun like everyone else. And there is something really, really fucking wrong with that.

This girl is as beautiful as she is clever! If we on Tumblr are only good for one thing, it’s turning situations like this around! Let’s signal boost this and get it back to her so she knows how much we love it! ALLONZ-Y

Dress is amazing and beautiful and holy SHIT these people are assholes. 

Holy fuck…is Daniel Marquis? No, it couldn’t be! No it must be!


Nah, but seriously. Look at this herb


unbelievable douchebaggery…. Daniel Marquis needs to be slapped sensitive with a mirror…..

I’m going to the movies this weekend. The rapacious agendas of the fear-mongering media bastards and the soul-sucking pompous politicians will not stop me from making my weekly pilgrimage to the cinema, my place of Peace. Every time a tragedy like this occurs in our country the immediate reaction is not to come together in strength but to tear away our freedoms for a false sense of safety. There are already demands for bans in theatres and police presence. Some think they should pull the Batman film from theatres. Why should we all lose freedoms (like we did with air travel post 9/11) because one lonely, desperate, unhinged individual lost touch with reality? I will not jerk my knee to the rhetoric of the pundits and politicos and I will not bend it at the altar of fear. The people of Aurora, Colorado have my deepest sympathies but I don’t think hiding in our homes will serve their memories well. So, I’m going to the movies this weekend. I may go twice. I hope to see you there. I’ll be in the back row center as usual….